Beer Pack Hack

Another reason to pick up some refreshing beer!

In a typical year, August is a month that has a lot of activity: schools & universities starting up again after summer break, vacations winding down, people gearing up for the inevitable—yet unwanted—end of summer. This quite often means changing addresses, or moving things around to accommodate those life changes.

One thing about moving is that beer is integral to the process. It serves as a currency to help pay off friends that are kind enough to help move that half-ton couch up a flight of stairs or as a simple reward to oneself for getting that last box of stuff off the van and into the house. It’s an unwritten rule of moving—once the moving van is parked for the night, the suds can start flowing—slowly at first, more so after the heavy lifting is over. 

We were recently gifted a pair of (tastefully appointed) recliners (the first we’ve had in nearly 30 years of marriage) and managed to haul them home and up the steps into the house. Naturally, we rewarded the effort with a couple of cans of cold beer. I drink plenty of light beer in the summertime (Coors Light or Bud Light, depending on the company), but this time we had some craft beer in the fridge (the delicious Perennial Artisan Ales Vape Tricks, a sour ale aged on cherries, to be specific). This beer, like many canned beers, comes with a 4-pk recyclable can ringer for easy carrying. We normally throw those in the recycling bin, but my lovely and intelligent (often frugal, offsetting my typical excess) wife brilliantly clipped the 4pk ringer into individual circles, which she then installed under the recliner legs—thereby upcycling a beer carrier into furniture sliders! Naturally, we have some authentic, store-bought, furniture sliders lurking around the house someplace, but things have a way of hiding when they’re needed at my house – not quite sure what that says about our organization skills, but it is what it is…

Bringing this heady tale to a flat finish, beer-ringer furniture sliders worked wonderfully in relocating a pair of recliners around our hardwood floors until the chairs found at least a temporary resting place. No scuffing, though no guarantees on how this works out on anyone else’s flooring. Once again, beer comes through during moving times!


– Scott Gargus

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