Low-Alcohol Refresher!

Scott Gargus shares his favorite Austrian radler—Stiegl!
Stiegl Grapefruit Radler – $10.49 (4pk)

I think of Stiegl as the “King of Radlers”—it’s been around a long time and I’ve yet to taste one I like better! The Radler is a blend of beer and fruit soda which originally came from Germany, and later became known as a Shandy in England: today, the terms are equally used by brewers across the United States (Kansas City’s Boulevard Brewing makes a seasonal Radler, with all rotating flavors being quite good, but I digress…) Austrian brewer Stiegl mixes its Goldbräu lager and grapefruit soda in a 40/60 percent ratio: the flavor is very grapefruity, slightly beer-y and, due to the soda, the ABV is a mere 2.25%. It’s barely beer, but oh so tasty! Consumed on a hot afternoon, it is incredibly refreshing; however, I often find myself saving a can or two for a Sunday morning brunch beverage—a good way to ease into a relaxing day without overdoing it. It’s a beverage that both beer and non-beer drinkers find enjoyable. Stiegl Radler also comes in Lemon and Raspberry flavors, but the Grapefruit is by far my personal favorite.

Get your Stiegl Grapefruit Radler here.

– Scott Gargus (tasted 6/10/20)

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