Upgrade Dad’s Bar

Scott Gargus shares two picks to fill out your bar cart.

With Father’s Day coming up soon, I thought I’d mention a couple of products that Dad might enjoy adding to his bar stock. Like Fathers, they’re both unique and interesting in their own ways…

Foursquare Rum Distillery Sagacity – $66.99/750ml

Rum is a pretty ubiquitous spirit in a liquor cabinet for good reason; there are a lot of familiar cocktails for which it is a key component: daiquiri, mojito, piña colada, etc. Most folks think of rum as primarily a cocktail ingredient, but there are a few that rival Bourbon or Scotch in terms of complexity as a spirit to be sipped neat, or with a cube: Foursquare’s Sagacity is one such Rum. Sagacity (Suh-gassity) is Mark XI in Fourquare’s Exceptional Cask Selection series. It is a blend of both pot- and column-distilled rums, which have been aged in ex-Bourbon and ex-Madeira casks for twelve years, and is bottled at 96° (some versions in the series are at cask strength). It has rich aromatics with vanilla and a touch of orange peel; this character comes across on the palate, though with a slight bit of almond-y nuttiness. Some rums have a liqueur-like sweetness on the finish, but this one comes across as surprisingly dry, yet lingering. This isn’t really a rum for mixing, but if you like to relax and ruminate on a glass of a fine spirit (possibly with a cigar, if that’s your thing), this is one to consider.

Union Horse Reunion Rye Brown Derby Barrel Selection – $64.99/750ml

This is one for the whiskey connoisseur! Hand selected by our tasting staff, this single barrel of Rye whiskey from Kansas City’s Union Horse Distillery, was the unanimous top pick out of several samples presented. Bottled at cask strength (126.52°), this whiskey was barreled on October 22nd, 2013, and put into bottle on April 1st, 2020—putting the age on this one at nearly 6.5 years. We thought this was an exceptionally smooth Rye, even with its higher ABV. Pour it over a big ice cube or add a few drops of water to it and it will open up nicely with a little time in the glass. Makes a pretty solid cocktail too!

– Scott Gargus

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