Cool Wine for a Hot Day

Scott Gargus shares a favorite white wine to enjoy on a hot summer night.

It’s not official just yet, but it certainly feels like summertime here. As the temperature outside rises, that of my wine typically gets considerably cooler – and Vinho Verde is just about perfect on a hot day! 

2018 Aveleda Vinho Verde – $8.99 (750ml)

Vinho Verde is a Portuguese DOC (Denominaçäo de Origem Controlada, essentially a official designation of region of origin, found around the globe with various other monikers – AVA (American Viticultural Area) here in the US: Napa Valley, for example.) Vinho Verde can be made from a couple of dozen approved indigenous varieties of both red and white grapes; however, the Aveleda is made from just two white grapes: Loureiro and Alvarhino.

Vinho Verde literally means “green wine,” referring more to its youth than actual color, which in the case of the Aveleda is a pale, straw yellow – though you’ll find most Vinho Verde bottled in a clear, pale blue container, emphasizing the “verde.” This wine has some floral aromas, along with apple and pear notes on both the nose and palate. Vinho Verde is typically lightly carbonated, much less so than a Cava or Prosecco, and the Aveleda has a fair amount of natural acidity, which makes the wine come across as pretty “zippy” around the edges of the tongue, though it dissipates rather quickly. This wine says “Demi-Sec” (part dry) on the label, and although it is fruity, it does have a finish that hangs around for a few seconds, then evaporates, making that next sip quite welcome. 

If you’re a fan of a lighter-styled white wine (Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc), the Aveleda (or any other Vinho Verde we stock) might fit nicely into your summertime beverage lineup. Keep it on ice, because that makes it nice.

Get your Aveleda here.

– Scott Gargus (tasted 6/6/20)

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