Welcome to the Derby Discoveries Blog!

Join us as we dig a little deeper into the shelves of the Brown Derby Wine Center & Marketplace.

Welcome to Derby Discoveries, blog for the Brown Derby Wine Center & Marketplace.

I started working for Brown Derby when I turned twenty-one. I was studying art & design at a local university and the job provided much-needed income, as well as easy access to a time-honored friend of artistic inspiration. Little did I know at the time that the business of selling alcoholic beverages would become a lifetime career.

I’m old(er) now, and my appreciation of alcoholic beverages has developed a bit over the years—which is one of the reasons that I’m still excited about this business. There really is no end to what you can learn about the various expressions of beer, spirits, and wine—like art, it’s all a subject of perception: what I like might not necessarily be what you like, but that process of discovery can be enjoyable regardless.

The nice thing about the Wine Center is that you can shop (and work) here for decades, as I have, and still discover something new on a daily basis. In fact, that’s one of the great things about this business—always a new product, new vintage, new flavor, and plenty of opportunities to dig deeper into any category and learn a little more.

Hopefully we can introduce you to some new favorite product, or remind you of one you’ve not thought about in a while. I know I’ll have fun with my Derby Discoveries, and I hope you will too!

– Scott Gargus

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